5 Nov
5:00 pm
7:30 pm


A Musical Dramedy

(Hindi- Khadi Bli/90mins)


Cast Hemant Pandey, Namya Saxena, Vidit Tripathi, Anadi Nagar, Ved Prakash
Presented by LCM Entertainment
Prod. Ishan Soni & Pranav Sachdeva. Set in the present day rural heartland
‘Lassan wala’ tells the tale of Kallu bahman, a sixty -year old Brahmin garlic seller whose family has been growing the same crop for three generations in the small patch of land that they own. Being a staunch Brahmin, kallu himself refuses to eat garlic, yet continues to exclusively farm it and sell, against his son and daughter in law’s wishes. The play traces the tragic -comic events that occur in his life that shake his firm belief in the caste system that has defined a major part of his existence. The subsequent turn of events make Kallu Bahman, re –look at his life and relationships through the newfound prism of social equality

Tickets at Rs.500 & 350 available at the venue
Suitable for 16 years & above.

20 Oct
7:30 pm


A Straight Proposal


Dir. Happy Ranjit
Prod. Friends Of Art
Artists. Dilip Shankar, Teekam Joshi, Nitin Goel, Ashok Dhawan, Yuvraj Bajwa, Junaid Kaifi and Shaurya Shakner.

After being nominated in 6 categories including best play of 2015 in prestigious Mahindra theatre awards (META 2015) and being a part of Bharat Rang Mahotsav 2015 unicorn actors studio is back with its one of the most successful play. The play was loved by the mass and got great reviews from the media and critics. Come and watch some of the best performances with a heart touching story. Nobody knows whether ghosts exist or not but still many of us do believe that they exist. Yet people like Dhruv, Mitesh, Amar, Kranti, Turag and thousands like them exist but society ignores their existence or criminalizes their needs. Who is forcing them to live like ghosts? Are they supposed to be like that? Can love be considered a crime? The play covers the life of Mitesh the protagonist of the play, the ups and downs in his life which goes parallel to the ups and downs of the LGBT movement in India. The play unfolds a series of Mitesh's love stories and his relationship with his brother and father which bring out the several problems in the gay community. A secret life and the mysterious death of Mitesh in this play are not just incidents, they become metaphors for us. A story of one diary, four love stories, one phone call, four days of love, one promise, four lovers and one gunshot... a straight proposal.

Tickets at Rs. 400/- available at the venue.
Suitable for all age groups.

23 Oct
23 Oct
4:30 pm
7:30 pm





Dir. Vinay Sharma
Cast. Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Chetna Jalan, Sanchayita Bhattacharjee & Anubha Fatehpuria
Prod. Atmakatha
tells the story of Anantrao Rajadhyaksha, a nationally acclaimed writer, who once had a wife (Uttara), a short-lived affair with his sister-in-law (Vasanti) and who wrote a semi-fictional book on his life that made his love life the "talk of Maharashtra" ! In his free time, he studies astronomy because he feels, and poetically admits, "Taare abhi bhi nikal te hain mere khaatir". Today, almost 30 years after Uttara and Vasanti left him to his stars, he's helping a young researcher, Pradnya, write her thesis on him and his works. As the play progresses , a mise en abyme effect is artfully created in which several stories, conversations and situations appear, reappear and even disappear into nothingness.

Tickets at Rs. 550, 750 & 950 available at the venue.
Suitable for 16 years & above.

  • Ladies Sangeet - 16 Oct
  • A Straight Proposal - 20 Oct
  • Atmakatha - 23 Oct