05 Sep
06 Sep
7:30 pm
4:00 pm


Run For Your Wife


Dir. Rishi Mehta.
Behroopiya Entertainers Presents Run for your wife, the World's longest running and the funniest comedy ever written. This British farce written by Ray Cooney has been adapted for the Indian Audience. Set in the South Delhi, it is the story of taxi driver 'Sabby Gill', who has been getting away with having two wives in different homes relying heavily upon a very precise schedule which he adheres to religiously. Trouble Ensues when a head injury causes his schedule go awry. To make matters worse, there are two inspectors at both his homes looking for him while investigating the incident. What follows is a laugh a minute riot as Sabby tries to keep his secret through contrivance of false stories and fabrication of a web of lies. So Come and Enjoy this roller coaster ride!

Suitable for 10 years & above.

12 Sep
7:30 pm

Kavi Sammelan

Laugh Gurgaon- Komedy & Kavis


Prod. Miran Events
Poets. Surender Sharma & Sunil Jogi.
An evening of Kavi Sammelan featuring SURENDER SHARMA, a poet and, who usually writes comic sketches of himself and his wife. He sometimes uses the Marwari language for his humour as well. His famous starting line for many of his poems is chaar lainaa suna ryo hoon which means I am going to say four lines when translated, and the poker faced alter ago, which he used while performing his comedy material in the Kavi sammelan circuit.[He is one of the first few poets of Hasya Ras (Comic and Satiric Poetry). He has established the tradition of Hasya-Ras among Kavi sammelan industry & SUNIL JOGI, an Indian author, poet of comic verses and the chairman of Hindustani Academy.

Tickets at Rs. 500 available at the venue.
Suitable for all age groups.

13 Sep
7:30 pm


Bade Bhai Sahab Aur Gulli Danda


Dir. Bharti Sharma
Prod. Kshitij.
Bade Bhai Saheb is one such play that tells a story of the relationship between two brothers who used to live away from home in a hostel to study. The play in a very humorous manner suggests that one should not be carried away by anybody’s suggestions (relevant or irrelevant). Gulli Dandaa is the story of an engineer (Gajendra) who came to Delhi when he was ten years old. He, however, gets a project that is assigned in his hometown, Kanpur. Travelling down the memory lane, Gajendra gets very nostalgic looking at kids playing Gulli Dandaa, the way he used to.

Tickets at Rs. 350 & 250 are available at the venue.
Suitable for all age group

19 Sep
7:30 pm


Main Ekaki


Writ. & Dir. Abhimanyu Pandey
Cast. Abhimanyu Pandey, Anshul Shukla, Vivek Chaturvedi, Rishi Raj Singh, Upen Singh.
In this adaptation of Dr. Harisvansh Rai Bachchan's novels and poetry, you will witness a profusion of mesmerising poems. Apart from Madhushala, yug ke yuva, jeevan ki aapa dhapi, many more beautiful creations of Dr. Harisvansh Rai Bacchan will be included. Through Bachchan's poetry, various expressions of anger, beauty, frustration and agony are revealed. Every single poem has a different intensity, taste and preference. The play involves every concern, every desire and every feeling of life and it has been shown that a great poetry has the power to start a fire in a person's life, it can alter the way we see ourselves and it can change the way we see the world.

Tickets at Rs. 400, 300 & 200 available at the venue.
Suitable for 15 years & above.

20 Sep
7:30 pm


Draupadi, A musical tale of love, land, war and peace


Dir. Atul Satya Koushik
Prod. The Films and Theatre Society.
Draupadi has always been a celebrated character of the epic of Mahabharata. Many myths, conventions and perceptions have been associated with her in various versions of her life story. This play takes excerpts from the story of Draupadi as known to everybody and adds imaginative sequences that bring out the real essence of association between Draupadi and today's women. This juxtaposition makes this work fit to be called an imaginative retelling of certain chapters from Draupadi's life.

Tickets at Rs. 1000, 750 & 500 available at the venue. Suitable for 10 years & above.

27 Sep
7:30 pm


Mahabharata Of Women

(Hindi/100 Mins with Interval for 10 minutes)

Dir. KS Rajendran
Prod. Shri Ram Centre for Performing Art. K. Madavane’s
The Mahabharata of Women, directed (in hindi) by K.S.Rajendran, former NSD teacher, essentially draws upon strong women characters from the age-old epic of The Mahabharata and deftly weaves them with a local legend from an Indian small town. The contemporary characters interact with characters from the Mahabharata, question their decisions and acts, and sometimes identify with their angst."

Tickets at Rs. 400 & 300 available at the venue.
Suitable for 18 years & above.

02 Oct
7:30 pm




Dir. Arun Marwah
Prod. AvR School of Drama, Gurgaon.
Othello is one of Shakespear's darkest tragedies written in 1603 - 04 and a theatrical masterpiece with timeless quality. Play starts with General Othello's officers & soldiers celebrating the defeat of Turkish fleet. Iago an officer is offended by the promotion of handsome Michael Cassio and weaves a horrid plan to take revenge under colour of love and loyalty towards Othello, the 'Moore.' He succeeds in making Othello believe that his beautiful wife Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio. Jealous Othello also sees a handkerchief, which he had gifted to Desdemona, in Cassio's possession and decides to kill Desdemona. Immediately after her death Othello comes to know about the plan hatched by Iago and ultimately commits suicide with a concealed weapon.

Tickets at Rs. 300 available at the venue.
Suitable for 12 years & above.

03 Oct
7:30 pm


Chakravyuh (Featuring Nitish Bharadwaj as Krishna)


Dir. Atul Satya Koushik
Prod. The Films and Theatre Society.
Chakravyuh marks the come-back of Nitish Bharadwaj as Krishna after 25 years. This play is an attempt to present the chapter of Chakravyuh from the great epic of Mahabharata in a new manner where hidden meanings, interpretation and learning from the philosophy of the Chakravyuh take the front seat, yet keeping all the action, glory and valor related to the incident equally important. Krishna as the protagonist begins by establishing the importance of keeping the learning from the mythology in our minds even though we forget the incidents that happened.

Tickets at Rs. 1000, 850 & 700 available at the venue.
Suitable for 10 years & above.

04 Oct
7:30 pm


Mann Vrundavan


Dir. Dr Madhuri Subodh
Prod. Aadyantara.
Meera’s love for Lord Krishna transcends the boundary between the metaphysical and the physical resulting in her total surrender to Him. She endured all adversities for the conviction of her principles and uncompromising path of devotion. She was truly ‘liberated’ in thoughts and actions, and epitomized a woman beyond her times in a human jungle of prejudice and suppression.

Tickets at Rs. 350, 250 & 150 available at the venue.
Suitable for 10 years & above.

  • Run For Your Wife - 5 & 6 August
  • Laugh Gurgaon- Komedy & Kavis - 12 August
  • Bade Bhai Sahab Aur Gulli Danda - 13 August
  • Main Ekaki - 19 August
  • Draupadi - 20 August
  • Mahabharata Of Women - 27 August
  • Othello - 02 Octobar
  • Chakravyuh - 03 Octobar
  • Mann Vrundavan - 04 Octobar