18 Apr
7:30 pm




Dir. Vikas Dwivedi
Prod. Ale House Pvt Ltd
Cast. Tom Alter & Amit Behl.
The Musical Play is inspired by the classic of literature world " The Prophet" by the great author Dr. Kahlil Gibran. How easy it would be to be distracted in one's life. Life which is made of five elements, Earth, water, fire, air and ether, each having its own character. The play begins with the birth of a human life "Anannt" out of these five elements. He feels overwhelming need to be free from love, marriage, emotions, knowledge, religion, jealousy, sorrow, pain, pleasure, friendship, beauty and death. The play depicts the various moments in his life, numerous emotions, and how he met Paighamber at every phase of his life and how Paighamber guided and enlightened him and how by seeking the advice of Paighamber, this kid has grown up into a better human being. And however, in the mean time, it has been divulged that this grown up, bright, quick witted kid is none other than Dr. Kahlil Gibran and the Paighamber he met at various aspects of life is nothing but his own subconscious which kept telling him what is wrong and what is right. The play incorporates the rich folk music of Chattisgarh and Haryana as well as the famous "Karma" dance form of Chattisgarh along with Live music and singing.

Ticket at Rs. 650 & 450/- available at the venue.
Suitable for 14 years & above.

25 Apr
26 Apr
7:30 pm
7:30 pm




Prod. Behroopiya Entertainers
Cast. Rupesh Tillu, Kalyan Chaudhary
Pres. Theatreact, Sweden.
A highly interactive physical comedy inspired by Shakespeare's classic. Welcome to a roller coaster ride in the world created by Beth and Banquo. Amidst thunder and lightning, three witches meet with Beth and Banquo, from there on Beth tries his best to live up to all the prophesies with his imaginary friend Banquo. The performance is a combination of slapstick, acrobatics, mime, songs and improvisations.

Tickets at Rs. 500 & 350 available at the venue.
Suitable for 12 years & above.

29 Apr
7:00 pm

Story telling session

Come fly with Hanuman


Across the mighty sea, A snake, a dragon or a mountain, You may get to be!
Author. Bhakti Mathur.
Characters from Indian Mythology come alive in an interactive session by Author Bhakti Mathur, where she takes the audience through a story telling session of her new Book ‘Amma Tell Me How Hanuman Crossed The Ocaen!’. This is the second book in the Hanuman trilogy and the ninth book in the ‘Amma Tell Me’ Series followed by a Q & A session with surprise gifts to be won.

Ticket at Rs.150/- available at the venue.
Suitable for 3 – 10 years of age group.

  • Saanu Kee? - 15 April
  • Paighamber - 18 April
  • Madbeth - 25 & 26 April
  • Come fly with Hanuman - 29 April